Automobile: Trigo renovates used vehicles

With the opening of a new used vehicle refurbishment plant in Allenjoie in the Doubs, the Trigo group will take charge of and recondition several thousand vehicles per year, all makes combined.A new job niche for the global quality giant.

Trigo was created in 1997 by a former Valeo Group executive.From a specialist in quality control and management in the automotive sector, the company gradually extended its activity to aeronautics in 2012 by acquiring France Qualitaire, then its North American counterpart and partner The Pic Group in 2015.Since then, the group has continued its external growth, with the acquisition of other European companies such as Böllinger and Mave, but also in the rest of the world in Turkey, China and Mexico.It also has activities in the railway, electronics and cosmetics sectors.The second-hand car market in France is in great shape with 5.6 million second-hand vehicles traded in 2018, more than double the number of new vehicle registrations.

Moving from new to used

In the automotive sector, until now focused on the quality control and rework of new vehicles, the Trigo Group is already a partner of many car manufacturers.On the strength of this experience, it has decided to diversify its activities by offering its know-how to the used vehicle sector: dealers, garages, rental companies or companies with large fleets, by offering them various activities, ranging from sorting parts from suppliers, to the complete reconditioning of vehicles, including inspection, training, advice, preparation and complete reconditioning of second-hand vehicles.Together with Alexa Stefanovic, at its head office, it has set itself the goal of reconditioning 10,000 vehicles per year, all makes combined.Trigo France is counting on the recruitment of 80 people in 2020 on its pilot site in Allenjoie: Notice to interested mechanics, body builders, painters, saddlers, electricians, workshop managers!


Find the ideal pilot site

Looking for a site to set up its pilot plant for the reconditioning of second-hand or rental vehicles (engine, bodywork, paint, plastic, etc.) before they are put back on the market, the group chose Pays de Montbéliard Agglomération and in particular the Technoland2 business park to develop its activities.Designed to optimise the production flow, the new 3,000 m² site, currently under development, will enable the delivery of reconditioned vehicles within a perfectly controlled time frame after they have passed through the hands of its experts.With this modern and innovative building, Trigo France will experiment this new activity on a pilot unit which aims to be multiplied in other territories in France and abroad.